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Mitsubishi Electric Special Offer

MITSUBISHI Split MSZ-WN25VA Only For 660€

MITSUBISHI Split MSZ-WN35VA Only For 680€

Transport Installation Basics included.

Mitsubishi Electric Series Impulsa++ Special Offer

The new IMPULSA++ series consists of MSZ-WN units that have superior energy performance (A++) within reach of all budgets. In this way, greater energy efficiency results in a saving of up to 10 in the electricity bill.

Discover the main advantages of the series:

  • Increased energy savings

    The combination of the most advanced Japanese technology with the latest electronic improvements and the best materials, allows to offer a high quality equipment with an energy labeling of A++. These features make the MSZ-WN an air conditioner with excellent value for money.

  • Air Purifier

    A pure air free of impurities is essential to guarantee the best environment in any room. The MSZ-WN features an ionized filter capable of capturing bacteria, pollen and other allergens that guarantees fresh air.

  • ECONO-COOL mode

    ECONO-COOL mode is an intelligent temperature control system developed by Mitsubishi Electric. Optimizes
    unit operation by means of a slat oscillation sequence that adjusts the airflow distributed in the
    room depending on the air outlet temperature. In this way, an energy saving of 20 is achieved with the same feeling of comfort.

  • Remote control and WiFi control

    The IMPULSA++ series features a new remote control with a modern design thatallows easy access to all control functions. In addition, it allows WiFi control via the MELCloud App or any tablet or PC. This requires a WiFi adapter (not included).

CLIMATOP Mitsubishi Electric Special Offer

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