Air Conditioning Nippon Torrevieja

Nippon Air conditioning systems for domestic installation in the home or business, high efficiency and performance products combined with performance and modern design make this range the best choice for an air conditioner.

Nipon Aire Acondicionado

Nippon Aire Acondicionado

Nippon Aire Acondicionado Nero+

 Air Conditioning Nippon

That we recommend installing on your house or business.

Nippon Air conditioner

Nero new concept high-end  split air conditioners

Efficiency and technology plus elegance and design. Renovated and modern, it combines prediction with any type of style.
Elegant aesthetics, original design with a front panel
glossy black that blends in with any room in the
home. Perfect solution for a modern style.
Nippon Nero2
Nippon Nero+

NipponAir Ducts System R32

Compact and Low Profile Equipment
Increased air flow
Low noise level
High efficiency
Remote control
LCD screen
Wifi included
Three fan speed selections
ON / OFF timer setting up to 24 hours
Conducto Nippon
Nippon Conducto
Nipponair Conductos

Your Air Conditioning in only 24 hours

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