MITSUBISHI Air Conditioning

Mitsubishi Electric offers a wide variety of technologies to air conditioning any type of home. All products, both air conditioning and heating, have the highest energy efficiency to ensure the best environment while maintaining a low electricity consumption.
The Mitsubishi Air Conditioning range with inverter heat pump, with its wide range of indoor units and multiple outdoor technologies, offers the highest performance with the best energy efficiency ranges.

Mitsubishi Electric


Technology at the best price

The new series MSZ-HR complete the new range R32 from Mitsubishi Electric with the aim of covering the segment of consumers who seek maximum efficiency and reliability from Mitsubishi Electric at the best price.

The HR offers a very low noise level of only 21dB and an efficiency of A ++ that ensures maximum performance with low consumption avoiding surprises in the electricity bill.


Better features and price

Mitsubishi Electric presents the new MSZ-AP within the new generation of refrigerant gas equipment R32 .

This unit has the highest classification A +++ in cooling mode and a compact design that allows its installation in any room of the house.

In addition, it has the purifying filter Air capable of capturing small particles of dust and odors.

We installed your air conditioner in 24 hours

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